About Craig

morning radio host

Craig Fronek is the lone voice of the Sunrise Radio Show

Sometimes you just need a wake-up call… a voice in the morning saying, “Rise and shine! It’s a new day and it’s good to be alive” With Radio Host Craig Fronek, you’ll get snippets of this “life is good” philosophy, but listen a little longer, and you’ll probably hear one of Craig’s famous rants, raves or riots.  He’s as fiery as he is fun. He’s as passionate as he is peaceable. You don’t have to wonder what Craig is thinking or where he stands. He’s an all-American patriot, a family values kind of guy, and has a watchful eye on the Political Party(s). On a daily basis, his anchor is the U.S. Constitution. Craig is anti-injustice, a voting advocate and the voice of the underdog. He despises lies and lives for truth, and gets more than miffed with the lack of state’s rights, with feeble foreign policies, and governmental waste, fraud and abuse.

Craig started as producer of the Sunrise Radio Show in March 2010, but in May 2012 became co-host of the morning radio show based in Southern Oregon. Since August 2013, Craig is the lone voice from 6-9am Pacific Time News Radio 880 KCMX, providing news and entertainment related to local, regional, statewide, national and international events. Craig also loves a good story and successful people willing to share their secrets on the air. He appreciates authors of good books and inventors of useful products. He opens the airwaves for those with new ideas, special causes and to listeners with bones to pick or opinions to express.

Craig Fronek:  A little BOLD.  Extremely FUN.