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The Patriotic Duty of Voting

My family taught me that it was my absolutely responsibility to vote and made sure I understood that voting was not only my duty, but an honor and a privilege. I guess you could say they were patriots. When I was young, my teachers also promoted the American way because every morning they would instruct students to stand up, hold their hands over their hearts and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I loved that. I wasn’t just speaking empty words, I was literally pledging my allegiance to the flag of the United States of America! I believed we were one nation, under God, and indivisible.

So of course I would join the Boy Scouts where the flag was saluted and honored at each meeting. The Scouting program helped to solidify my American values through the teachings of American history, outdoorsmanship, character building, leadership and in serving the community. I wore the uniform proudly with an increasing array of well-earned merit badges. I participated in the Honor Guard and ultimately became an Eagle Scout, the highest rank achievable in the Boy Scouts of America.

So of course I have voted in every election since it was legal for me to do so. I enjoy the process and can feel my passion increase as I listen to the debates, or read about the candidates, or hear about them on the news and discuss politics on my radio show. I admit that I get upset with political shenanigans and especially the lies, twisted truths and the false narratives from the left. But ultimately, I am an American patriot. This year, like every year, I will sit down with my pencil and darken the circles of my choice. I will vote. And I will continue to salute the flag and pledge my allegiance to the United States of America. How about you?

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