What Do You Think?

Why do you think people are continually drawn to Donald Trump? Why does he have the following he does? I have a theory after listening, watching, and reading for thousands of hours. My theory is – whether you like his actions or not, Donald Trump IS who you see. In an oddly refreshing way, he isn’t polished or poised or perfect in his presentation. He flubs, makes tons of gaffs, and horrible mistakes — but he keeps on going. He keeps on being himself and not caring about how people, parties, or people of influence want him to be crafted. He is Donald Trump. Always has been, always will be and in some very strange way, it’s weirdly refreshing. Before you get out the baseball bats and start beating this blog to death — take a moment and contemplate this concept. People relate to his “realness” and the fact that he says what many of us are guilty of thinking. His filters are off, and his arrogance is evident, yet once again he is who he is. We aren’t left wondering, “who is that guy?” or “what is he really all about?”

As this campaign races to the finish line over the next six months, mark my words “The Donald” is a force to be reckoned with because no one can be, act, or try to emulate this man. His unique ability to say things as he sees them is resonating with the public who have lived for the last eight years with a President that is not transparent or real. With all his flaws, Mr. Trump, this candidate is unique and his ability to say things as he sees them has turned the entire political process up side down and caught the GOP totally off guard. It’s going to be history in the making, this we can count on.

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